College Counseling

The Bronx Lab Office of College Placement addresses the needs and goals of our students and their families in the college decision making process.

The Director of College Placement focuses on preparing students and their families to be sophisticated in their search for the right college and right financing for college, as well as in their understanding of the admissions landscape.
The office is responsible for creating and managing the following programs: PSAT & SAT awareness and preparation programming; regular visits to college campuses; supervision of financial aid applications and processes, and pursuit scholarship opportunities; matriculation and post-matriculation planning.

We address the needs of all grades, in addition to maintaining contact with Bronx Lab graduates to track their progress and success through the first three semesters college.

The physical office, housed in room 306, is a place for all student to use as a resource for preparing themselves for both college and life after college. Please come and visit us there!